Hotel Meyer | Family owned
Agricolastr. 6 | 08371 Glauchau
Tel. +49(3763) 402700
Fax +49(3763) 4027013

town & country


Wintry dishes

  • Parsnip soup with pesto croutons
  • Fried trout with potatoe melange and lamb's lettuce
  • Roast of goose with red cabbage and dumplings
  • Filet of duck breast with red cabbage and dumplings
  • Deer roast with red cabbage and dumplings

From the stockpot

  • Spicy soup "Solyanka style" with white bread
  • Horseradish soup with smoked salmon strips
  • Carrot and ginger soup with blue curacao cream
  • Solyanka with sour cream and white bread
  • Fine ragout of fowl with lemon and toast

Cold dishes

  • Small mixed salad
  • Mixed salad with fried chicken, mushrooms and lemon dressing
  • Beef carpaccio with rocket and parmesan and baguette

Main dishes

  • Grilled pike-perch on melted cherry tomatoes, with tagliatelle and veloute
  • Fried chicken strips with bohemian dumplings
  • Cured beef tongue with carrots and potatoes
  • Marinated pot roast with red cabbage and dumplings
  • Tagliatelle with chicken strips, peppers, rockets and lemon oil


  • Fried chicken breast with vegetables "Asian style" and Basmati rice
  • Escalope of pork with mixed salad and fench fries
  • Pork steak "au four" - au gratin with fine ragout and cheese, with mixed salad and croquettes
  • Steak "Dtrindberg style" - fried with mustard, onions and egg, with herb butter and fried potatoes
  • Argentinian rump steak with herb butter, miixed salad and french fries

Our classic

  • Bovine sliced "Stroganoff style" and fingershaved potato dumplings
  • Beef tongue wirh corrots and potatoes
  • Marinated pot roast¬†with red cabbage and dumplings
  • Venison roast from the leg with red cabbage and dumplings Green
  • Chicken strips Zurich style with Bohemian dumplings
  • bovine roulade with red cabbage and dumplings

Desserts & sweets

  • Iced chocolate with vanilla ice cream
  • "Gently angel" - orange juice with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream
  • Oven warm apple strudel with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and fruity garnish
  • Tartufo "Classico" little ice cream cake with chocolate rum flavor
  • "Ice and Hot" - 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream
    either with hot raspberries and whipped cream
  • Yogurt cup - with fresh yogurt, sesame and honey